What the press say about LTI

20 experts in luxury travel offer members detailed reviews of high-end hotels, restaurants,spas and more

-Worth Magazine

Written by people who actually know what they’re talking about

-Financial Times

First Class service. Take their picks to your travel agent or DIY your next trip

-American Airlines Celebrated Living Magazine

Finally, a global digital guide for the luxury traveller has landed

-Total Prestige Magazine

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Is it worth it? Yes

-FT Weekend Magazine

A members only resource for affluent globetrotters

-Daily Mail

Their highly experienced team of researchers have a meticulous eye for detail – and seek only the very best


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One of the worlds most respected review portals

-Etihad inflight magazine.

LTI founder reveals his secrets for excellent experiences


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Its exclusive list is made of hotels, restaurants, spas and clubs picked by an advisory board of 20 members of the luxury travel industry

-Travel Daily Media.

LTI, a members only high end travel ratings company, has its reviewers travel anonymously and pay full rates so as to encourage non-biased reporting on hotels, restaurants, spas, and nightlife


Luxury Travel Intelligence (LTI), an elite member’s-only travel ratings company known for providing unbiased reports


Independent and honest, with a network of highly experienced writers and researchers who are some of the best in the industry


Luxury travel experts


LTI caters to affluent travellers through invite-only, membership based subscription


LTI is one of the leading industry authorities on high end travel and hospitality


LTI has also been featured on NBC, ABC, CNBC and FOX News